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11 April 2019
The democratic party of Kazakhstan "Ak Zhol" announces The National contest





The democratic party of Kazakhstan "Ak Zhol" announces

The National contest

"XXI ғасырдағы Алаштың Ақ жолы"

(“The Shining way of the Alash in the 21st Century”) for 2019







The main goal of the contest is the comprehension and popularization of the political experience, economic platform and spiritual heritage of the Alash movement in the context of the modernization of modern Kazakhstan society.

To the contest can participate with their works (the first three nominations are the author's article or essay, the fourth nomination is a product of the media) citizens of Kazakhstan and foreigners aged from 18 to 35 who do research on the Alash movement.

Works are accepted in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.


The contest is held in the following four categories:


1.     The relevance and importance of ideas about the statehood of the leaders of the Alash for modern Kazakhstani society:

- Alash and parliamentarian;

- Alash and diplomacy;

- Alash and political parties;

- Alash and forms of government;

- Alash and democratic values;

- Alash and legal consciousness, etc.

2. The Alash platform and the issues of improving the modern national economy and social sphere:

- Discussions of the leaders of the Alash on nomadic and sedentary forms of farming;

- Natural resources of Kazakhstan and the development of the industry;

- Alash and the formation of a society of universal labor;

- Alash and market relations;

- Alash and tax issues, etc.

3. The role of the spiritual heritage of the Alash in understanding the achievements of the Great Steppe:

- Studies of the Alash figures on the genesis of the Turkic world;

- Images of the sacred concepts "Altai", "Turkestan" and others in the works of poets and writers - members of the Alash movement;

- Alash and cultural code;

- Ideas of the Alash and national brand, etc.

   Special nomination for media journalists

4. Alash in the context of modernity:

- Publicistic articles;

- Documentaries;

- TV and radio broadcasts;

- Reports;

- journalistic research;

- Interview;

- Talk show releases and etc.


The contest consists of three stages:

At the first stage, the contest commission analyzes, evaluates and selects the works submitted for consideration. The 10 best works in each nomination (total - 40) will be admitted to the second stage.

At the 2nd stage, the authors of the best 40 papers make presentations on their topics and enter into in-person debates with other participants in the relevant nomination. This exit stage, organized in the format of questions, answers and discussions, will take place in the city, defined by the DPK “Ak Zhol”. 3 best works from each nomination (total - 12) go to the final stage.

The third stage will be held in the city of Nur-Sultan - in December, on the eve of the historic date for the formation of the Alashorda government. Participants of the final stage publicly defend their work before the contest commission, whose decision determines the winners and prize-winners.

Conditions of the contest:

1. Work is advanced on behalf of one participant (individual applicant) and for the nomination indicated by him;

2. The work must necessarily reflect the continuity of the views of the figures of Alash with modernity;

3. Plagiarism (deliberate appropriation of works of other authors) is not allowed;

4. The consistency of titles of works with its content, as well as their clarity and brevity, is encouraged;

5. Sources cited in the works must be accurate, specific and reliable;

6. Works that are not executed in accordance with the requirements, as well as submitted after the deadline, are not accepted for consideration;

7. Winners of previous years can not re-participate in the contest.

Requirements for the paper (essay) / for the first three nominations /:

The text is typed in Times New Roman, size - 14; line spacing - 1; paragraph indent - 1.25 cm; margins: left - 3 cm, upper and lower - 2 cm, right - 1.5 cm.

In the application for participation in the contest must be specified name, date of birth, address of residence, place of work (study), academic degree (if any), mobile phone number and e-mail.

The maximum length of the article (essay) should not exceed 10 pages.

Works for participation in the contest are accepted until October 1, 2019.

The prize fund of the contest is 4 million tenge and is distributed in the following order:

Each of the participants, who passed to the 2nd stage (except for 12 applicants, who made their way to the final stage), receives an award in the amount of 25 thousand tenge.

For the winners and prize-winners in each category are set to cash prizes in the following sizes:

The first place - 300,000 (three hundred thousand) tenge;

The second place - 200 000 (two hundred thousand) tenge;

The third place - 100,000 (one hundred thousand) tenge.

Winners and prize-winners are marked with breastplates «Жалпыұлттық «Алаштың Ақ жолы байқауының лауреаты» (“Laureate of the National Contest “The shining way of the Alash”).

The articles (essays) of the winners (1st place) and prize-winners (2nd and 3rd places) of the contest will be published in the form of a collection.

Travel expenses (travel and accommodation) of participants (stages 2.3) are paid by the DPK “Ak Zhol”.

Competitive works with the note “XXI ғасырдағы Алаштың Ақ жолы” can be sent to the Central Office of the DPK “Ak Zhol” at the address: Nur-Sultan, Мangilik el, 30, the office of the DPK “Ak Zhol” or by e-mail: alash_akzhol@mail.ru; akzholpress@mail.ru









05 July 2019