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On the first day of the EXPO-2017, Ak Zhol party held a meeting with a delegation of businessmen from China

9 June 2017

“This is not cooperation, but a banquet at somebody else’s expense” – Azat Peruashev offered to return to the state the unused funds of state hold...

7 June 2017

The preventorium for children created on the personal instructions of the President, became powerless to the officials – “Ak Zhol” advocated the only Center f...

1 June 2017

“Ak Zhol” MPs demand suppression of anticompetitive actions of the subsidiary of the Committee for Industrial Development and Safety

31 May 2017

A ski springboard costing about 39 billion tenge is being built for 173 Kazakhstan athletes – the answer was received to the inquiry of the “Ak Zhol” pa...

29 May 2017

At the inquiry of the “Ak Zhol” MPs, the antimonopoly authorities confirmed numerous facts of arbitrariness of monopolists of access roads and instituted admi...

29 May 2017

“Ak Zhol” DPK and “Just Russia” Party signed Memorandum of Cooperation

24 May 2017

Azat Peruashev met with the leadership of the Chinese province Fujian

27 March 2017

Ak Zhol MPs met with the OSCE ODIHR Team

15 March 2017

“Ak Zhol” proposes to introduce a moratorium on the creation of new enterprises with state participation

2 April 2014