“Ak Zhol” appeared in defense of the constitutional rights of the villagers to receive housing from the state

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02.04.2014, 00:00

April 2, 2014, “Ak Zhol” Press service
 “Ak Zhol” Party appeared in defense of the constitutional rights of the villagers  to receive housing from the state –  MP Svetlana Kadraliyeva announced the deputy inquiry to the Prime-Minister at the plenary session of the Mazhilis today.
The question is about the State Program “Accessible Housing – 2020” from 21.06.2012
“As it is shown in the analysis of regional plans, housing construction in the framework of the Program today is carried out mainly in cities and regional centers. The question about housing provisions in countryside has been forgotten and constitutional right of citizens who live in courtsides on housing provisions aren’t implemented, – S. Kadyraliyeva mentioned – Meanwhile, Article 14 of the Constitution guarantees equal rights for all citizens, regardless of their place of residence. The same orphans, mothers of large families, veterans  live in  the villages, whose housing is in disrepair conditions”.
“Ak zhol” representatives believe that the question is not just about housing provision but also in saving villages in order to involve young people live there – the successful realization of the Program “Accessible Housing – 2020” effects on the realization of the target indicators of other programs, such as the Program “With diploma to the village”.
“What kind of influx of young professionals can we talk when a rural mayor has no house in the budget? We have such kind of  rural districts after all’, –  it is said in the inquiry.  According to statistics, housing provision to the rural population much lower than in urban areas. The age of 62 % houses  is more than 30 years.
S. Kadraliyeva brought the experience of Sweden, Finland and other developed countries, where the Government together with local authorities not only build accessible housing for the villagers, but also widely practice  gratuitous  transfer to the ownership in the case of tenant employment in hospitals, schools, long-distance post offices and other social services, as well as for the large families.
“In accordance with the Address of the Head of the State N.A.Nazarbayev  “Kazakhstan’s way – 2050:  Common aim, common interests, common future” in the nearest future in Kazakhstan it will be given special attention to the development of agriculture with the allocation for this purposes huge resources and the development of agro-innovation cluster as a whole. Full realization of these directions is not possible without support of rural population”, – think MPs from the “Ak Zhol” faction and ask the Government to take measures to ensure realization of the Program “Accessible Housing 2020” in the rural areas.
            Parliamentary faction of “Ak Zhol” Party continues to work on implementation of the election platform.