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“Ak Zhol” Democratic Party of Kazakhstan is a political party of Kazakhstan positioning itself as “constructive opposition” and follower of the “Alash” movement of the XX century.

It was registered on 3 April 2002. According to the Central Election Commission the number of members is 175 862 people.

After the Parliamentary Elections to the Mazhilis in 2004 according to official information the Party got 12.04% of votes and 2 seats.

After the Parliamentary Elections in 2007 the Party got 3.09% of votes and didn’t enter the Parliament.

At the beginning of 2005 it happened a conflict between co-chairmen Alikhan Baimenov and Lyudmila Zhulanova from one side and Bulat Abilov, Uraz Jandossov, Altynbek Sarsenbayev from other side. The conflict was connected with different vision of the Party’s participation in the Coordinating Council of Democratic Forces (CCDF). CCDF, headed by Jarmakhan Tuyakbay, was supported by only three “Ak Zhol” co-chairmen – Sarsenbayev, Abilov and Jandossov.

On 15 March 2005 it was officially announced about split in the party. The Congress decreed to abolish the institution of co-chairmen of “Ak Zhol”. And Alikhan Baimenov was elected as a sole chairman. The split caused the establishment of a new party – “Real Ak Zhol” that was headed by the most opposition leaders: Bulat Abilov, Uraz Jandossov, Altynbek Sarsenbayev and Tulegen Zhukeyev.

        On 2 July 2011 during the Congress of the Party in Astana Azat Peruashev, Chairman of the “Atameken” National Economic Chamber, was elected as a Chairman of the “Ak Zhol” Party. With the coming of Azat Peruashev, the Party carried out radical renewal of organizational, personnel, ideological, intellectual foundations of its activities and has reached a qualitatively new level of development. “Ak Zhol” began to actively engage business representatives.

         From 2012 “Ak Zhol” Party is a parliamentary party and has its Fraction in the Mazhilis.

        According to the results of the Elections in 2012 “Ak Zhol” Democratic Party of Kazakhstan gained 7.47% of votes and got 8 seats.

        According to the results of the Elections in 2016 “Ak Zhol” Party got 7 seats in the Parliament.

“Ak Zhol” Party has 16 branches in the regional centers, Astana and Almaty and also 3 representative offices in Zhezkazgan, Semey and Turkestan.

There are 255 800 members of the Party (as of December 2016) – 167 014 men and 88 786 women.