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Nurkaliev Arman

Secretary of the Central Council of the KDP “Ak Zhol”

Nurkaliev Arman Skabylovich was born on February 23, 1965 in Narynkol, Alma-Ata region, Kazakh, higher education.

In 1989, he graduated from the Kazakh State University, faculty of journalism.

In 1989-92 worked as a correspondent, head of the department of the regional newspaper Zhetysu.

In 1992-1994 he was the head of the department in the international newspaper “Asia.”

In 1995-1996 – was the executive secretary of the newspaper “PANA”.

Since 1996, he worked at Khabar Agency CJSC as a correspondent for the News Service, a producer of the News Service, and a host and author of the Zheti Kun program.

In 2000-2002 he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Khabar-2 Channel, then Director of the El Arna Channel.

Over the years at the Khabar Agency A. Nurkaliev stood at the origins of such popular programs as “Kazantar” and “Zhetі kүn”.

He is the author of the script for 20 serial documentary films “Zhanga Tarikh. Zharkyn Tulga ”about the history of Kazakhstan and the life of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan,“ Tabystar Mekenі ”about the achievements of our country in the field of agriculture, education, business, culture, sports.

He is also the author of the script for the feature film “Parizhdeg On”, the television series “Apke”, “Bіzdіn akay”, “Aқyldyk kіlti – Өmіrdastan” (together with Zakeruli S.)

Released a collection of short stories “пкплемеші”.

He was awarded the Astana and 10 years to the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan medal. Awarded the prize of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since 2015, Secretary of the Central Council of the KDP “Ak Zhol”.