NATIONWIDE CONTEST “Light way of Alash in the XXI century” (XXI ғaсырдaғы Алаштың Ақ жолы)

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11.04.2019, 06:22

NATIONWIDE CONTEST“Light way of Alash in the XXI century”(XXI ғaсырдaғы Алаштың Ақ жолы)

The main goal of the contest is to popularize creative heritage and fundamental views of the “Alash” movement for the modernization of the Kazakhstan society.

Applicants aged from 18 to 35 years old with an interest in the heritage of Alash and engaged in research and journalism on the topic are invited to the contest.

The contest has four nominations in three stages.


1. Continuity of ideas of the “Alash” movement in state-buildingdemocratic values and choice of the European vector in the development of modern Kazakhstan;

2. Actuality of economic views and problems of social modernization of society in the works of the leaders of the “Alash” movement and development of these ideas in the contemporary Kazakhstan;

3. Unknown events and new names in the history of the “Alash” movement;

Special nomination:

4. For the best research or publication on any of the mentioned themes in Russian and in languages of other ethnicities.


Stage 1Correspondence selection of written works (essays, writings). Works are accepted until October 1 of the current year. The volume of submitted papers should be no more than 12 pages.

            After the deadline, members of a special jury during two weeks choose 10 contenders in each  nomination for the second, full-time stage.

Step 2: Debates between the winners of the 1st stage. They are held within one month after the results of the 1st stage. During discussions, the applicants in each category present their competitive works, answer questions and participate in the discussion of other reports. Debates are held separately for each nomination.

           By the results of the debates in each category 2 applicants are chosen to participate in the final stage – the 3 stage of the competition.

Step 3: It is held on the eve of the anniversary of “Alash Orda” (“Alash” Government) (On 13 December), in the framework of the national conference “Light way of Alash in the XXI century“. Winners of the 2d stage make reports and answer questions. Following the discussion, a special jury awards the winners of the competition.

            Submissions will be published in a separate edition.

            The prize fund is 3 million tenge. For the winners of the nationwide competition are set the following prizes:

– For the winners of the 1 stage (top 10 written works in each category) – 25 thousand tenge;

– For the winners of the 2 stage (top 2 contenders in each category) – 100 thousand tenge;

– For the winners of the 3 stage in each category – 250 thousand tenge.

Travel expenses of the participants of the 2 and 3 competition stages are paid by the “Ak Zhol” DPK.

Works for participation in the 1 stage with the note “Light way of Alash in the XXI century” should be sent to the following address: 010000 Astana, 11 Saraishyk Str., Office 5, Central Office of “Ak Zhol” Democratic Party of Kazakhstan or e-mail:;